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Fern Forest Flame Azalea Flame Fern Scenic Valley 2 Hour Ring Ride
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Trail Description

This awesome trail combines the Flame Azalea, Fern Forest and Scenic Valley trails for a Majestic Ride. The variety of terrain with the mountain top views, then the picturesque valley with the creeks and lake and finally, returning through the Fern Forest creates a truly awesome trail and Majestic ride.

The elevation changes from about 4200 feet at the top of the mountain down to 3400 feet in the valley. What a range!  You can't even get these long range views on trails in the Smokey Mountains National Park.  The park doesn't let vendors cut down the trees.

Safety and Training

Plan an extra 45 - 60 minutes, in addition to your trail time, for the safety and training program. You are shown how the horses have been trained, some about safety as well as horse personality.  Then you are given an opportunity to try your horse out in the ring.

There is no extra charge for it.

Safety programs start at 10 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm Summers, 11 am and 2 pm Spring and Fall, and 1 pm in the Winter.

Additional Info

Your rate is based on the trail and not time. The charge is per person. Trail times are approximate. It is hard to "Push Button" a horse to be exact and it depends on your group, how many pictures you take, etc.


OR CALL (800)682-1092 Monday-Saturday, 9-5.
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The online reservations need 2 days notice.   Rates may change without notice.

Guides do work for tips.

People often ask what the normal tip is, it's like in a restaurant - Commonly 20%