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(The Stables will be closed to the public from January 17 to February 11th for annual maintenance and repairs.  You may still purchase gift cards throughout and reserve after February 11th)

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        • What about a First-Class Horse?
        • How about your horse being Vacuumed - not just brushed?
        • Do You Want Clean Tack
        • Do You Also Want an Excellent Safety Program?
        • Finally, But definitely Not Least, How about Majestic Trails that take your breath away?


The Stables Area Pictures...More Information Below

Arrowmont has the best Trail Ride Program in the Southeast...
maybe even the country!
At least that's what our Guests tell us and everyone else.

2015 Award horseback riding maggie valley nc  2013 Award family horseback riding near me 2009 Award horseback riding sapphire valley


Bonuses You Get

        • Your Safety Program consists of a video or live demonstration covering the horse's training, safety and horse personality.
        • Then, you are given a chance to try your horse in the ring before departing.
        • If needed, your horse can be changed before you leave on your guided ride.
        • Plan an extra 40-50 minutes, in addition to your trail time, for this safety and training program.
        • There is no charge for your Safety Program. We believe it's important.
        • Helmets are provided - no charge.
        • Raincoats/Ponchos available as needed - no charge.

Your rate is based on the trail and not time. Trail times are approximate. It is hard to "Push Button" a horse to be exact and it depends on your group, how many pictures you take, etc.

Reservation Information

        • Preferred Date and Time,
        • Number of riders and their Names,
        • Weight (so we can have the proper size horse ready), We can carry up to 300 lbs
        • Height and Age of riders
        • If you have a trail preference, it is helpful to know, especially if it's a Walk-Trot-Canter. We need a special Guide for it.

Please note: Credit Card information is necessary for ALL reservations. Your card is to secure the reservation.
Rates may change without notice.


Trail Maps

Additional Information - Guides do work for tips.

Guides do work for tips. People often ask what the normal tip is... it's like in a restaurant, commonly 20%. Usually Your Guide is a college student working their way through school and they very much appreciate the tip. It's not expected but they do work hard preparing the horse, making sure your ride is safe as well as enjoyable... and taking care of things at the end of the day. There is a lot of work involved.

The online reservations need 2 days notice.   Rates may change without notice.